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The Surprising Benefits of Feeling Like Your Life is Meaningful

a meaningful life quotes christopher cloos philosophy how to have a meaningful life how to live a meaningful life how to live a more meaningful life meaning of life masterclass mission massive meaning personal development personal development school personal growth quest for a meaningful life the meaning of life the philosophical life Sep 15, 2020

 It's crazy how the Coronavirus has changed our everyday lives. Its changed how we communicate and relate to others.

Social distancing is good to prevent the spread of the disease, but it leads to social isolation and loneliness for many people.

Yet, there's good news...

As I talk about in this new video, research has shown that feeling like your life is meaningful has powerful effects. It improves about every aspect of your well-being.

Intentionally building meaning into your life can counteract loneliness, even in the midst of a global pandemic.

I've created a free masterclass. It shows you the exact 3-part system for building a massively meaningful life--without quitting your job or making history.

It goes live this Sunday (9/20). Keep an eye out for more details.

Wishing you the best in these bizarre times.

-Prof Phil Life

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