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Moral Objectivity Best Captures the Value of Tolerance

christopher cloos philosophy ethical subjectivism metaethics metaethics crash course metaethics philosophy moral objective truths moral objectivism moral objectivism vs moral subjectivism moral objectivity morality objective or subjective objective moral values the philosophical life Oct 05, 2021

Many people reject moral objectivism because it’s thought to support intolerance. Tolerance of a diversity of ideas, values, and people groups is central to a well-functioning democracy. Yet, if moral standards are objectivity true, then some moral standards are better than others. Doesn’t this breed intolerance? Doesn’t this promote repression and domination of people who don’t embrace the correct moral code?

In this video, you’ll learn about the Argument from Tolerance against moral objectivism and why it doesn’t work. You’ll also discover why ethical objectivism best captures the value of tolerance.

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