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Moral Objectivity Supports Dogmatism: Why This Isn't So

christopher cloos philosophy dogmatism ethical subjectivism metaethics metaethics crash course metaethics philosophy moral objective truths moral objectivism moral objectivism vs moral subjectivism moral objectivity morality objective or subjective objective moral values the philosophical life Oct 05, 2021

Dogmatism is a close-minded view. It involves clinging to beliefs and ignoring evidence contrary to what you believe. It is irrational and epistemically unacceptable for this reason.

Yet if moral objectivity holds, then dogmatism seems okay. After all, if you have the correct moral views, you should ignore evidence that would lead you off those views and into error. Taking these claims together, the opponent of moral objectivity concludes that there are no objective moral standards.

In this video, you'll learn why this argument doesn't work. We'll also explore implications of moral objectivity concerning the quest for wisdom.

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