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How I quit...

meaning of life meaning of life masterclass mission massive meaning the meaning of life Sep 03, 2020

...longing for an old way of life.

About 20 years ago I was working a corporate job. You know, the standard cubicle job (cue the movie "Office Space" in your mind). I was bored with creating what felt like TPS reports.

I felt like my work and life weren't making an impact.

I left my corporate job to go back to school. I missed the challenge and rewards of studying philosophy (my undergrad major). I eventually got my PhD. I was on the path toward teaching at a university...then life happened. My wife and I became parents after years of waiting.

Our priorities changed. We wanted to raise our son near family.

That meant I would need to leave academia. That's when the idea for The Philosophical Life hit me! I could share what I had learned with people not in school at a university. I could share the power of philosophy with the public! (cue your favorite inspirational song)

Yet as I settled into being a stay-at-home dad and entrepreneur a funny thing happened. I found myself longing for the corporate work world I had originally left behind. [It's amazing how lack of satisfaction in life is so easy to come by]

But, one day I had an epiphany...

While creating an upcoming course on the meaning of life I was really reflecting on my values. Pushing a stroller into a business park I realized that I had found a meaningful path in life. It's not the standard life of a normal job, but it is rewarding nonetheless. No need to long for a corner office in a giant building.

That day I quit longing for what I realized did not suit me. I embraced my new way of life. I saw it as a blessing. That filled me with gratitude. My life is rich in purpose and meaning.

Have you ever had this happen? Have you ever realized that what you longed for you did not really want and value? Please share your thoughts if you're so moved.

Best wishes,

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