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What makes you feel like a kid again?

the meaning of life Sep 04, 2020
What makes you feel like a kid again?
For me, it's going to the cabin in the mountains I grew up going to as a child. My grandparents built a cabin in a ski town. You had to use a snowmobile to get to the cabin in the winter.
Every time I go back to that town I feel the rush. I feel the rush of playing in the snow as snow was lightly falling. I recall the babbling brooks of water as the snow melted. I recall the Aspen treats shimmer in the breeze. I recall the crisp, clean air. I am transported to feeling like a kid again.
Philosopher of science Paul Thagard thinks the meaning of life consists in 3 things: love, work, and play. Yes, play.
Where do you go to regain that sense of childlike play? What do you do that makes you feel like a kid again? Yes, what do you do to add meaning to your life?
-Christopher "Building a Giant Snowman in My Mind" Cloos 🙂

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